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Palaeolithic artefacts from the River Avon terraces near Bristol (UBSS Proceedings v.13(3))

Proceedings » Volume 13 » Sub-volume 3

Roe,D.A., 1974. Palaeolithic artefacts from the River Avon terraces near Bristol. UBSS Proceedings, 13(3) , pp 319-326 Download PDF.

Abstract: A description is given of two Lower Palaeolithic (Acheulian) bifacial implements and a small number of flakes found recently on ploughed ground on a 50 ft terrace of the Bristol Avon at Ham Green, on the left bank of the river. The context of these artefacts is considered in terms of the considerable number of Lower Palaeolithic finds previously made in the Bristol region, which do not seem to be well known, other than locally, in spite of several publications. Brief comments are made on the distribution of Acheulian finds in southwest Britain. Attention is drawn to the uncertainties of the Pleistocene chronology of the Bristol Avon and the hope is expressed that new evidence might be sought to help clear these up.

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