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A study of the hydrology of G.B. Cave, Charterhouse-on-Mendip, Somerset (UBSS Proceedings v.13(2))

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Stenner,R.D., 1973. A study of the hydrology of G.B. Cave, Charterhouse-on-Mendip, Somerset. UBSS Proceedings, 13(2) , pp 171-226 Download PDF.

Abstract: In 1968 the surface stream, cave stream and certain drip inlets of G.B. Cave, Somerset, were studied. Chemical and physical charcteristics were measured weekly from February until the great flood of 10th July 1968 and irregularly for the rest of the year. This paper presents statistical summaries of site charcteristics and their inter-relationships and a statistical examination of measurements of limestone solution between the surface swallet and the cave. Several smaller sections discuss the relevance of the results to a number of different branches of limestone studies, such as temperature variations in drip inlets and the significance of infilled depressions in the drainage of limestone on the Mendip Hills. Some hydrological side-effects of the July flood are also examined.

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