Contents of the Proceedings of the UBSS 23(2)

Officers, 2004-2005. pg 70

Secretaries' report, March 2003 - March 2004. Louise Crowe and Jacqui Marshall pg 71

Obituary - John Hayter Crickmay (1909 - 2004). A.M. ApSimon. pg 72

A possible Mesolithic engraving in Aveline's Hole, Burrington Coombe, North Somerset . G.J. Mullan and L.J. Wilson. pg 75

UBSS expedition to Northern Thailand 2003 S.L. Smith and J.P. Telling. pg 87

Landslip Caves of the Middle Cotswolds. C.A. Self and A. Boycott. pg 97

Ritual protection marks in Goatchurch Cavern, Burrington Coombe, North Somerset . C.J. Binding, L.J. Wilson and T. Easton. pg 119

Archaeological Note: Skeletal material recovered from Tynning's Great Swallet, Charterhouse-on-Mendip, Somerset . G.J. Mullan and A. Boycott. pg 135

Archaeological Note: H.P. Wyndham and the "Lost Cave of Burrington ". A.M. ApSimon. pg 141

Cave notes: Co. Clare , Ireland . G.J. Mullan and A. Boycott. pg 143

Reviews. pg 149

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